Parents are very important to us. We know that our partnership with you, as parents, is a key factor in your child’s success. So we will work hard to involve you in every step of your child’s journey through these important primary years. We will show you how to support your child at home and celebrate achievement and progress together.

The school regularly organizes parent-teacher meeting to discuss performance of students and understanding students better betterment of their studies.

A key factor in your child’s learning journey are the adults they interact with and we have a highly experienced, skillful, dedicated teaching and support staff. They work together to provide flexibility in meeting the needs of all pupils.

Teachers are appointed on the basis of their varied and emotional maturity. They are well trained and most importantly child centered. They are not only child educators but also mentors and facilitators. They are expert in their own areas. Teachers also play a important role in molding students into a better citizen by inculcating good qualities in them. Our teachers work closely with parents and students to ensure they never lose focus.

At R S Public School, we provide an occasion for parents to meet the class teacher and the subject teachers to get the first hand report of their ward. These meeting strengthen the bond between collaborative efforts of the parents and the teacher for the development of their ward’s personality. The school has its own website as www.rspssadarcom as well as SMS service to have an update of their child on mobile.

Ramanlal Shorawala Primary School, Sadar admits both boys and girls who should be three year old on 1 April of that academic year, if eligible they are promoted to the next class in the school. Admission to other classes is made provided vacancies exit and the students seeking admissions pass the admission test.

Parents have to produce birth certificate issued by the appropriate authorities at the time of admission to the nursery of pre nursery class. In case of admission to other classes the T.C should be countersigned by the District Education officer or The Inspector of schools of that area children seeking admission to the nursery classes should further submit immunization certificates of B.C.G/D.P.T/POLIO.

You can make admission query by visiting our school or simply filling the form below,

Ramanlal Shorawala Primary School Sadar, Mathura is constantly looking for teachers and staff members who can contribute to our school. If you think you have the talent please fill the form below to get in touch with us,

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you and your child to Ramanlal Shorawala Primary School, Where so many wonderful learing opportunities and experiences are just waiting for them. It truly is a great place to think and grow.

I feel proud and privileged to express my deep gratitude for the people of Mathura, who has bestowed so much trust to the school by allowing their child to get studied at our school. Their blessings coupled with lots of love and affection, have inspired me to establish a leading and premier Ramanlal Shorawala Primary School as a humble return for their blessings to meet the dire need of this area and to fulfill the high expectations of the people. Sunrise Vedanta School is a CBSE affiliated school from New Delhi following NCERT curriculum based on the very high quality education standards & rubrics to make new land mark in field of education in your town Mathura.

Our vision is to strive for academic excellence by imparting the best education of a noble quality, upholding the composite culture of our country and core values of humanity. The mission of the institution is to imbibe and inculcate in our students, the sense of service with high quality education and devotion towards the society and nation as a whole .

Our all out efforts, are to equip the institution, with highly qualified trained and experienced faculty members with modern, high-tech infrastructure and facilities for sports etc. which are necessary for holistic and all round development of our students, so that they can lead the society, in all sphere of the life and can serve the nation, in the future. Your blessings will be our basis to achieve this high goal for establishing this pioneer Institution in the field of education.

Expecting for your kind co-operation with warm regards to one and all.

Rajiv Sharma

School Address:
Ramanlal Shorawala Primary School
15/485, Jagdamba Colony, Jamuna Bagh Road, Sadar, Mathura

Phone Number:


We aim to inspire every child-whatever their abilities – to achieve their very best. Our school isn’t just about knowledge and skills though, it’s also about inspiring children to be creative and look at the world differently, and about challenging them to be fascinated by lessons and subjects.

At Ramanlal Shorawala Primary School, Sadar, we are aiming this school to develop all aspects of the individual student and to provide an education that will prepare him/her for life and living in the modern world. As part of this, we help our students to attain the highest academic standards along with personality development. Students will be encouraged to participate to the fullest possible extent in the social, physical and cultural activities of the school so that on completion of their education, they may emerge as self disciplined, responsible and well adjusted citizens, capable of playing an active and positive role in modern society.

Ramanlal Shorawala Primary School, Sadar aims to inspire students and other community members to challenge themselves to become better people, who in turn become inspiring individuals who help to make the world become a better place. Our aim is to inspire individuals, while we hope that our students and other members of the community in return can go out into the world and inspire others. The vision reflects the ethos of the school: our values of the making a positive difference to students by recognizing them all as individuals, and to help make the world as a whole a better place.

At Ramanlal Shorawala Primary School, Sadar students are encourage to learn and value :

  1. Self – discipline
  2. Mullti-Culturism
  3. Tolerance for other religion
  4. Preservation of environment
  5. Morality
  6. Global perspective
  7. Love for country

You can not build the future of your child but you can build your child for the future. We believe that every child is unique and each one has a different pace of learning which needs to be discovered by the school. We tickle the imagination of children so that they can grasp faster. We encourage the experience, explore, experiment and discover their own path.