The School have well equipped and airy classrooms, Hall, Toys Room, A/V Room, Playground, Smart Computer Lab etc. Students can perform various activities.

Other Feature and Benefits

Time to time personality development sessions covering communication skills, Spoken English etc. More attention per students. Located very close to your house. The child gets transferred to senior school. Your child has access to all facilities of a large school.

Computer Lab

A state of the computer lab has been commissioned at the school campus . The Projector makes computer learning much more interesting and user friendly through full Screen projection. Internet & e-mail Facilities have also been provided.

Library Resources

The School Has a well Stocked Library Consisting of the Syllabus books for Reference as well as Encyclopedias , Magazines , Journals , Fiction & much more for the enrichment of the Students.

Science Laboratories

There are Separate labs for Physics , Chemestry , & Biology Equipped with the latest Equipments to make Practical learning Possible .We have already started a mathematics as well as a social studies laboratory, as per the latest CBSE norms.

Sick Room

The School has the Provision of an Infirmary to take care of any Health related Emergency Situations arising within the School Premises.

Annual health Check Up

The School Realizes the value of the health of its students & therefore , an Health Check up is Conducted.

Easy Transfer Between Campus

Many parents working in banks and offices are in transferable jobs. If they get transferred from one region to another within Mathura, their child can be shifted to another campus, if the need be.

Assured Admission

We are in association with good reputed senior school. To comfort the parents, all students promoted from RSPS, Sadar shall get admission in senior classes so once your child get admitted in any junior class, we will take care of their education right upto 12th standard.

Additional Features

  1. Lush Green , Pollution free Environment
  2. Wi-Fi Campus
  3. Highly Qualified & Experienced Faculty
  4. Fully Air Conditioned Smart Classes
  5. Hostel Facility with Homely Atmosphere
  6. Horse Riding along with Indoor Games
  7. Foreign Languages
  8. Swimming Pool