We aim to inspire every child-whatever their abilities – to achieve their very best. Our school isn’t just about knowledge and skills though, it’s also about inspiring children to be creative and look at the world differently, and about challenging them to be fascinated by lessons and subjects.

At Ramanlal Shorawala Primary School, Sadar, we are aiming this school to develop all aspects of the individual student and to provide an education that will prepare him/her for life and living in the modern world. As part of this, we help our students to attain the highest academic standards along with personality development. Students will be encouraged to participate to the fullest possible extent in the social, physical and cultural activities of the school so that on completion of their education, they may emerge as self disciplined, responsible and well adjusted citizens, capable of playing an active and positive role in modern society.

Ramanlal Shorawala Primary School, Sadar aims to inspire students and other community members to challenge themselves to become better people, who in turn become inspiring individuals who help to make the world become a better place. Our aim is to inspire individuals, while we hope that our students and other members of the community in return can go out into the world and inspire others. The vision reflects the ethos of the school: our values of the making a positive difference to students by recognizing them all as individuals, and to help make the world as a whole a better place.

At Ramanlal Shorawala Primary School, Sadar students are encourage to learn and value :

  1. Self – discipline
  2. Mullti-Culturism
  3. Tolerance for other religion
  4. Preservation of environment
  5. Morality
  6. Global perspective
  7. Love for country

You can not build the future of your child but you can build your child for the future. We believe that every child is unique and each one has a different pace of learning which needs to be discovered by the school. We tickle the imagination of children so that they can grasp faster. We encourage the experience, explore, experiment and discover their own path.